Why can it be so frustrating?

Confidence and career interviews don’t always go hand in hand. But imagine feeling stuck in your career, you’ve worked hard to be noticed for that promotion, or that pay rise, but nothing changes… You’re feeling stuck! Would you ask for help? Do you feel comfortable asking for help and are you able to see that there’s another way? 

Did you know that ‘only 15% of people worldwide love their careers?’ That’s crazy right! Does that mean the rest absolutely hate what they do? No, but according to Gallup statistics, these are the lucky few who are ‘fully engaged’ in their careers and the rest unfortunately are ‘not (fully) engaged’. 

 “Did you know that ‘only 15% of people worldwide love their careers?”

 Why are so many employees ‘unsatisfied’ in their jobs? Apart from money, your workplace and culture have a lot to do with it. People need a sense of belonging, they need to feel safe at work but also have challenges to grow so they can make a meaningful contribution.

Confidence and career interviews

No matter who you are in this world, and no matter how successful you are, we all share something in common – our basic human needs and if these needs aren’t met, we will feel stuck and unhappy in our lives and most definitely in our careers.

Your workplace should demonstrate safety, where you feel secure and there’s a level of “certainty”. When you’re at work, you need to feel that you’re comfortable, there’s mutual respect from others and on most occasions, your boss ‘has your back.’ But, if your job is too predictable, chances are you will get bored. It seems logical but sometimes we forget, and we can become robotic in our approach and life becomes routine. Mixing it up from time to time, allows “variety” to kick in. Sounds confusing, but it does make sense! You can’t learn a new skill-set if your job stays the same, you’ll lose momentum and you’ll become complacent if there’s no diversity in the workplace. Unfortunately, sometimes, cultures don’t change, and you wonder why you feel stuck?


So, What do we need?

As humans we need “certainty” and “variety” simultaneously, and because we’re social beings, our relationships with others are also important to us. Even if your job requires you to work independently, you still need a sense of acceptance and belonging and the way we communicate, can either brings us together or separates us.

Are your needs being met at work? Be in a Career that you Love and find your C Spot!