Confidence, it’s something that we think that only some of us have and confidence is something most of us wished they had more of.

Or perhaps you’re shy and feeling unconfident and think it’s just for the lucky few!

I live in Sydney and we are in lockdown now. I know Melbourne has suffered the hardest but we have all gone through something in recent years which I believe has affected our confidence.  I am not generally a shy girl but going through Covid has made me hide more where I’m feeling vulnerable, uncomfortable and I am definitely not feeling confident.

Did you know studies show “self-confidence is considered one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have. And feeling self-confident improves your chances of getting that job, promotion, pay-rise or even a new business venture or partnership.

Unfortunately, feeling confident within yourself is usually much easier said than done. And some people have the ability to feel good about themselves almost all the time while others don’t.

I wish I was like but I’m not one of those people. However, I now know that confidence isn’t a trait you’re born with which means it’s a skill that even those people who are naturally confident must have worked at being confident.

And if it’s a skill, then it’s not impossible for us to feel confident and I am going to share 3 tips on how do you tap into your inner power, increase you’re professional confidence and stand out from your competition (whether you have a business, job or looking for work – there’s competition all around us)?

  • Journal or write down when moments where you felt confident.

Just like we all have moments where we feel down on ourselves, we also all have moments where we have succeeded and feel good about ourselves. Let’s tap into that and celebrate those moments of success even when you’re feeling down.

When you get something out of your head and on paper or type it up on the computer, something magical happens we change. Writing the good stuff and the moments when things worked out for us, where we did feel successful – this automatically gets us feeling confident.

And you can take this a step further by writing or finding a positive affirmation. Even if you’re not into affirmations, we are saying affirmations all the time and I guarantee the way we speak to ourselves we wouldn’t allow our friends to speak to us that way.

Write something positive so that you can refer to it when you need it, and this will make you feel good about yourself which in turn gives you confidence. Even as something as simple “you’ve got this Jo (say your name it’s really powerful) and keep writing it or saying it and repeating it will help shift your energy.

  • Trick your brain

Did you know that our brain is designed to keep us safe and sometimes when we are not feeling great and unconfident, we are going to hard on ourselves by focusing on all the negative things in our life?

It’s normal for us to feel disappointment, confused, lost, unhappy or even depressed – remember our brain wants to keep us safe from stopping us from going into the unknown. Sometimes our brain is protecting us especially if I was crossing the road and a car was coming and I accidently stop – my brain is protecting me and doing its job.

But sometimes our brain stops us from moving forward and puts us in fear which stops us from feeling confident.

The good news is our brain doesn’t know the difference between imaged or real – so let’s trick our brain and instead of staying “I’m nervous and really not feeling confident” let’s reframe it to “I’m excited and feeling confident with what’s ahead of me.”

Can you feel the difference between those 2 phrases? Similar to the affirmation, your energy has suddenly shifted so remember to trick your brain – it doesn’t know the difference!

  • And tip No. 3 – Breathe and do the power pose

You know that saying “fake it until you make it” – Amy Cuddy takes that another step further by saying “fake it until you become it.”

She explains that our posture affects the way we feel. So, if you’re slumping, it can make you feel said and down on yourself.

By using “power poses” as a tip to increase self-confidence.

Slumping or slouching can make you feel sadder, while sitting up straight and holding your head high can make you feel instantly more powerful.

Did you know that doing this in a meeting or interview, will automatically gain the other person’s respect? Even if you have made a mistake during that meeting,

“Changing how you are positioning your body tricks your mind into holding the emotion that you would hold in a more upright posture.”

I will end you this quote: “Confidence is contagious so believe in yourself and let your magnificence shine.”