Questions and Answers

What is the C Spot?
The C Spot is a proactive career search model and provides practical tools that will empower you in your job search. By having a strategic career road map, it takes the pressure off the competitive job market, which in turn gives you the confidence to interview with certainty when obtaining your dream career. The C Spot will help you gain clarity and confidence to narrow the gap of where you are now to where you want to be in your next career move.
What’s the difference between you and a recruitment consultant?
Although it’s free to get advice from a recruitment consultant, it can also be hit and miss. Ultimately the recruitment is working for the client and not you. You’re my client which means, I’m working for you and will try and get the best possibly result for you. Having previously worked as a recruitment consultant, I will show you how to partner with an expert recruiter and will share my insights and expertise to help you get your desired role.
What can The C Spot do for me?
We will partner with you to achieve your career goals and we will share our proven tips and give you the tools to tap into the “hidden job market”. The C Spot is a holistic approach that’s personalised and our strengths and personality profiler will give you the confidence to owe your inner power. With our expertise and knowledge, we will design a career road map just for you and our clarity sessions will see you succeeding in your new career.
Apart from coaching, what other services does the C Spot provide?
Our aim is to help you get clear and confident with your career journey which means coaching is a major part of our business model. Having worked in the recruitment industry for many years and knowing the employment market, we will also partner and mentor you and offer group work for accountability to help you stay on track. Mindset work, interview and networking techniques and strengths and personality profiling are just a taste of what we can do for you.
Can I afford you and how long will it take?
Our process is affordable as it will show you how much more you are worth in the market place. We do not charge by the hour which means we value getting the best outcome for you. It depends on where you are with your job search, and our complimentary career clarity session will determine how long it will take. Some may need a simple revamp of a Resume and LinkedIn profile along with a few interview coaching sessions; while others may need more tools to empower them in their career journey.

We also offer a 100% return policy if you are not fully satisfied because we believe in seeing you succeed in your desired career.

Do you work globally and how do I get started?
Yes, we work nationally and internationally by phone, Skype, Facebook Messenger & FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Hangout and email or any other communication method convenient for you.

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