Clarity Career Session

This is a complimentary service we offer to all clients whereby we review your work experience and gain insight to your possibilities with a career that’s right for you.

Career Gap Assessment

Narrow the gap of where you are now to where you want to be in your new career. We will provide you the tools on how to get clear and focused on the right activities.

Resume and Cover Letter

Our process makes your resume compelling and aligns you with your future role. We will construct a resume that is focused, forward-thinking and attention-grabbing.

Optimized LinkedIn Profile

An optimised LinkedIn profile will help you attract opportunities with employers and future business partners. We’ll give you the essential tools for LinkedIn and tips for building connections.

Career Road Map

We will get you thinking outside the box about your career. We will give you a career road map that’s right for you. You will gain clear direction to move forward and learn invaluable tips to own your full potential on paper as well as in person.

Online Courses & Interactive Workshops

Online courses will give you the tools for future jobs to come. Be in an environment that’s culturally right for you with our Mindset & Resilience workshops. This suits individuals as well as company leaders.

Personality & Strengths Profiling

Do you want to unlock your hidden talents? Learn to influence, negotiate with confidence and have an edge in meetings and interviews. Gain life skills that will help you with future business opportunities.

Peace of mind and Laser Coaching

We take the stress out for you with our laser coaching methods that will stop you worrying and get you focused on your genius zone. Watch your confidence grow as you gain clarity and you’re in control of your job search and your life.