OUR Testimonials

She’s just amazing, extremely insightful!

“Seeing Joanne helped me draw out my key strengths on paper which gave me the confidence to interview more effectively. I love the fact that she is committed and passionate about helping successful individuals see their true potential and sell their transferable skills when networking or interviewing. I’m now a stronger negotiator because I believe in myself. Thank you, Joanne, for giving me to tools to succeed in my new career.”

Danielle, Sydney - Project Manager

Puts you in the driver’s seat of your career

“I recently approached Joanne because I didn’t know how to articulate my traits, even though I’m great at seeing other people’s strengths. She fleshed out my strengths on paper and in turn, gave me the confidence to interview stronger. Going through this process puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to take ownership of your career. I can definitely see a market for Joanne’s business and I will a great supporter along the way.”

Sharon, Melbourne - Senior Recruitment Consultant

Joanne’s more than just a career coach!

“In looking for a strategy to market myself for my next career move, I engaged the services of Joanne Esposito. She was able to tease out the attributes that best represented me in which gave me the confidence to successfully land my dream job. Joanne provided coaching, feedback and insights throughout the interview process, and with her depth of experience in the recruitment space, assisted me with negotiating an attractive remuneration package. All I can say is thank you, I couldn’t have done this on my own!”

Nicole, Auckland - Change Manager

She’s passionate about you succeeding in your career

“Joanne has been a recruitment consultant for many years and one of her main strengths is career coaching. Dealing with just a recruitment consultant is fine if you have everything that the client needs but working with Joanne helps you take your career to another level without dealing with all the competition. Joanne helped me see how I was undervaluing myself and gave me the power to own my strengths beyond my resume. She’s been amazing and I look forward to seeing her business flourish.”

Lisa, Sydney - Senior Marketing Manager

Great recruiter, even better coach!

“A strong component of Joanne’s business model is assisting professionals, especially women to sell themselves stronger during the interview process. I wasn’t getting the roles I thought I deserved and Joanne opened me up to see my true potential. She gets you to believe in yourself and own your traits with confidence. She is passionate about helping people succeed in their careers and I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne and I can’t wait to see her business transform many careers.”

Alana, Adelaide - Accountant

Love navigating my career map!

“Joanne has helped me over the years on my career journey. She’s insightful and extremely helpful and Joanne gives you a realistic view of the market and how you can position yourself to get the best out of you. She essentially gave me a career roadmap in which I now apply to all my roles. I have no hesitation referring or recommending Joanne to anyone that is looking at changing careers or wanting to obtain the next level of their career. Her in-depth career coaching experience will be a benefit to her new business and I wish her well.”

Ellen, Sydney - Head of Communications